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How do I qualify?
You may be eligible for our program if you own or manage a multifamily unit with 3 or more units. Your building must be a gas and/or electric customer. Have your rate code type on hand, so we can determine which programs apply to your property.

What is an energy assessment?
An energy advisor will evaluate energy-saving opportunities across your entire property. Your assessment will identify cost-effective upgrades to the lighting, HVAC system and building envelope. You’ll receive a no-obligation energy report revealing your best options and available rebates.


What products will my property receive during direct install?
A trained expert will enter each unit to install high-pressure low-volume showerheads, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, and light emitting diode bulbs. You may also receive pipe insulation for domestic hot water lines. Some common areas may qualify for lamp upgrades to a candelabra base with CFLs or LEDs. All products are free of charge.


How long does direct install take?
Direct install of energy-saving products takes 5-10 minutes per unit, depending on the measures being installed.


What rebates can my property receive?
Rebates are subject to change based on availability and emerging technologies. Here is a list of typical rebates for cash back on
• Programmable thermostats
• Furnace/boiler tune-ups or replacements
• Insulation
• Lighting upgrades
• ENERGY STAR® Windows
• Air conditioners
• Water heating


When should I consider custom projects?
The custom route is available to managers and owners looking to maximize savings beyond direct install or prescriptive upgrades. Our expert team will assess your property to identify and calculate efficiency upgrades specific to your building design. Payback can range
from 1-8 years. Custom rebates can cover up to 50% of the project cost. Projects must be completed within 90 days of approval and within the same program year.


Why is Consumers Energy offering efficiency rebates?
We’re committed to delivering energy at the best value to both business and residential customers. That means helping you save costs and stretch our resources for Michigan and future generations. These energy efficiency programs also create jobs across the state.


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